I had enormous fun learning 3D modeling and animation techniques! I also became enormously tired. Adding a third dimension to my thoughts about animation was a strain on the brain.

Professionally I have used 3D Studio Max and Bryce 3D for modeling equipment, nature scenes, and for just plain fun.

These first photos showcase some experiments with transparency in Bryce:


Green bottle with yellow shadow

Just the right light coaxes a yellow shadow out of this green bottle!


Clear bottle with bright shadow

I'm really happy with the reflection on this one - it always makes me thirsty!


Metallic donuts floating in the clouds.

This scene started out innocently enough. I was wanting to make the Loch Ness Monster in a metallic texture. But when I accidentally zeroed Y to the clouds instead of the water I got this very interesting effect of floating metal donuts. How could I resist?


Floating bubble, made of rock

Initially I was heck-bent on making things on my computer screen look exactly like they looked in real life. Eventually I came to realize how many dreams and fantasies I was squelching with that attitude. So here is weird idea number one: A beautiful translucent bubble which shows blue rock when cracked!


Absinthe bubbles

Ever seen a green sunset?


We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

If The Borg began experimenting with alternate shapes ...


Great crags!

Bryce makes the best crags of any software anywhere!


Whose is that eye?

Of course, when some demented modeler starts giving the crags eyes ...


Bryce also makes the most luscious sunsets.




theme chooser

Corporate Blue

Slightly silly



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