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It's another lovely day in Northern Virginia ...

The Tunnel Vision Pictures are now available! (some of them, anyway.)

Welcome to my self-indulgent personal birdwatching page. This month's installment features my baby tufted titmouse.

Yes, he's MY baby! This past spring there was a male titmouse pee-toing his little brains out in the tree outside my window. Just about the time I was beginning to get sick of all that 'pee-to'ing Mr. Tufted Titmouse's efforts were rewarded with the attention of a lady Titmouse! I awoke one morning to the sight of the two of them, crests at full mast, flirting up a down the tree. I could barely see the little gray birds, but the orange dots on the backs of their crests were fully revealed.

They came to the feeder all summer. At first they would come together to get some safflower seeds and do some more flirting out in the tree. Then one day there was only one at a time. Then there were two again, but one of them seemed a little clumsy and uncertain ...

Now this fall, this little guy shows up with company but seems to get left behind a lot. I can't tell for sure, but I think this little baby grew up right outside my window! So yes, he's MY baby!

Here's my little baby! Jus' lookin' around.
Lookin' over there now.
  Making a funny little face!
Aw, what a cutie!