Chicken Day

During midsummer I made a visit to the Eastern Shore Chicken sanctuary (, where the chickies were perfectly obliging in striking poses!

The lovely redhead in this first photo, Fanny, is the Sanctuary's self-appointed greeter.


Fanny takes charge of the finances!

Fanny takes charge of the finances!

Lovely Fanny's portrait.

Lovely Fanny's portrait.

Fluffy Fanny's fluffy fanny.

Fluffy Fanny's fluffy fanny.

Fanny nods the new visitor through the gate.

Nodding the visitor through the gate.

Two egg layers hens have a good dirt bath!

Dirt bath!

Fauna, the dapper rooster guards the bicycle?!?

Hmm. Guarding the bicycle?

Little Sparrow was a moving target, but worth the effort!

Little Sparrow was a moving target, but worth the effort!

Fauna is a real sweetie - he brought a treat to little Sparrow.

What a sweetie - he was so careful not to peck her.

Broiler breeder hens enjoy some grapes!

Grapes everywhere!

A broiler hen looks after her egg.

Does she know she didn't quite come down over the egg?

Red Rooster - helping out! What would I have done without him?

Red Rooster - helping out! What would I have done without him?

The Marx Brothers have some grapes.

Okay - which is Cricket and which is Uno?

Red Rooster hasn't left the tripod yet!

What a stalwart sentry!

Egg layer hen, stalking a grape ...

Hmm, what's that?

Egg layer hen, closing in on her grape ...

Moving in ...

Egg layer hen, got her grape!

Got it!

Another red-headed rooster, this out for a strut!

Time for a strut out in the yard.

A fluffy little cochin chicken.

Fluffy little chickie! He must have some cochin in him.

Another fluffy little rooster, posing in his feather pants.

Posing in his little feather pants.

Tall, blond rooster

This tall blond is rather handsome.

Tall blond rooster, flapping his wings

Nothing like a good flap.

Tall blond rooster, fluffing his feathers.

Followed by a good fluff.

Tall blond rooster, recovering from all that fluffing and flapping with a nice plump strawberry.

That was worth a strawberry!

Tall blond rooster, bathing in girlfriends!

And now he's properly dressed for a date with his girlfriends!

A tortie rooster prancing through the woods.

A bit of prancing in the woods.

Two hens taking a sun bath.

The Bookend Gals!



Chickies in the bushes.

Chickies chickies chickies, lurking in the bushies.

Ladies at luncheon!


Ladies snoozing in the coop.

Then a snooze ...


Big, gray rooster.

This big gray bird was very excited about a photographer in the coop - in my other photo he's asleep!

Ladies, sleeping in the bushes.

Still snoozing ...

Ladies, preening in the bushes.

And then a post-nap preen.

Everybody strolling round the yard.

And now we're all well rested for a stroll.

Chicken in a dish.

Chicken in a dish! (Out of focus, I know, but too funny to discard!)

Roosters and hens, conferring in the weeds.

Hmmm. A conference in the weeds?

Ladies, daydreaming in the bushes.

The bushes are full of ladies!

Everybody, wandering in the woods.

Now for another wander in the woods.

More wandering in the woods.

Nice pose, Pietro! (is anyone looking?)

Afternoon quack.

Afternoon quack?

Red rooster, roosting near the photographer.

Here he is, at the ready if needed!

Redheaded hen, sunbathing.

Mustn't forget the flanks when sunbathing. (has she wrapped her rollers too tight?)

A duck, skulking in the bushes.

And now, the Amazing Skulking Duck!

A gentle broiler rooster, who was wont to follow the photographer around. And who was rewarded with strawberries every time!

This big guy kept following me around. It was awfully hard for me to watch, by the time he'd gone the ten feet from where I was he was panting and had to flop down for a rest! I gave him his own portion of strawberry each time, poor guy. This is the only good shot I got of him, which doesn't really show his bare patches.

The Gentlemen, two elderly rooster who pass their days together.

The Gentlemen arrive.

The Gentlemen do the photographer the honor of posing for her!

And pause to pose!

Everybody, out in the weeds again.

Back in the woods again.

A new girl arrives, welcomed by Fanny and Ivy!

A welcome for the new girl!




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