NVAUG Branding

  Hello all! Here's what I've come up with so far, now it's YOUR turn!
  The following are monochromatic logos - useful for quickie downloads and adaptation to any color scheme. Plus they can be set as Photoshop custom brushes for quick stamps. The downside is they aren't all truly intuitive. I've been looking at them so much, I'm not sure which are intuitive and which aren't.

I started out by experimenting with the letters in NVAUG blending together.
This one has good balance, and I think the little serif on the side makes is a little easier to read.
The imbalance in this one makes it more fun to look it, but the message might get lost.
I don't really like this one, it's a little top heavy, but at least the A comes through.
A twist on the first one, a little slanted
This one is less poetic than the blended ones, but the A for Authorware is much more obvious. Still a good monochromatic, brush-compatible design.
A little style applied...
Okay, so I got a little carried away. I think with a little more time, I could get these cleaned up.
A variation on the melding theme. I like it, but I'm not sure it really says "computer software user group". It sort of says "botanical garden". I actually caught myself adding twining vines and morning glories.

Still, maybe if I added some blocks and gave it a 'logical construction' sort of feel. Any thoughts?
I liked this one, but then the MX suite came along!
So here we go: MX Number 1.
Here's another. These wouldn't work so well as one color, you'd need at least two.
But building it out a little larger works okay.
Solid, basic, with a touch of the Monolith to it. Maybe I shouldn't design things while watching Kubrick movies. I think this is a good font for us, it gives the high-tech impression without making us look too geeky.

This font does lend itself legibly to having a little fun, if need be.

With a little jazz ...

Okay, so we're VAMPIRE computer software users. Ya wanna make somethin' of it?!?

A banner somewhat reminicent of the hexagon (I think I could get the angle better on my next try) with the Authorware red fading in.
Basic blue button, good for sights requesting conservative designs.
Gold banner, same vein.
The standard pushed-in emboss.
A little bit more fun!
Basic Authorware red. What more can I say?
If Paul Atreides led the Fremen to a new LMS ...
The standard sci-fi metal/glass treatment.
This is the only animated button I put together, I didn't really have time to animate everything. Once a few favorites get picked, I'll put together some more animated versions.
So there they are! Let Pam know what you think.

I've also got some flash banner in the works, but I didn't have time to finish them. I should be able to put in some more time on them this coming weekend.



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