Ladies Day at Ellanor Lawrence

Hello Everybody! It took me a while (it always does) but I've got through the photos! Peep!


Our first catch of the day - the very pink-flanked titmouse! What a little cutie.

Here's our pretty lady, posing in the bushes. Or perhaps that's her boudoir?

Look at that! That Creeper is creeping!

Behold, the recycled platic nest. Anyone ever figure out who built it?

Here she is, our busy little mother!

There he goes, creeping again.

Wow, now THAT is some serious creeping!

I got it! One Butterbutt in flight!

I must admit, I find the backs of wrens fun to look at. All those dots and stripes.

But nothing beats a good profile! Note the tail - pointing straight down.

And here we have the star of our show - the Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker! She sucked the wind right out of my Dad's sails, he had been all proud because he was getting them at his feeder and I had never seen one! Extra thanks to whoever spotted her.

She really was having a good preen, wasn't she?

Good shot of her tail - note she's got flight and prop feathers.

At last! She gets on with the regular woodpecker business, and we finally get a look at her tummy.

Certainly not as bright as her mate, but she is a pretty lady.

Woo-hooo! My first ever decent photo of a Kinglet! Has anyone else ever seen a Kinglet actually sitting still? I never have.

My my, he does look proud!

Time for a sit on the porch.

Hmm. He couldn't be housekeeping, could he?





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