A small hobby has grown out into a large one, as this area offers rich opportunies for those willing to step out and look around.

Although one doesn't always need to go far. Last autumn I took some pictures of a very cute baby titmouse from the comfort of my own kitchen.

Wandering farther afield, I wandered out to Ellanor Lawrence Park with the Fairfax Ladies Birding and Brunch Club.

Last year when the holidays got hectic I decided that the burdens of being in charge of the household were too much for me. The solution? Become the pet human of a Strawberry Finch!

The Red-shouldered Hawks at the Fairfax Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count were unusually cooperative last year.

I had heard that Kurt Gaskill's trips to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel are always a doozy, so I decided to find out for myself.

I made a visit recently to the Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary, where I found the chickies most obliging and happy to pose.

In response to a torch-carrying mob I have applied some of my most popular photos to ordinary household objects, available at !




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