Red Heart Pins

This photo shows what I've tried so far. As I recall your requirement is for round red brooches, with strong leaning toward a heart in the middle. I made some pins with hearts, and some without. All the beads are readily available in retail outlets, so replicating them in large quantities should not be a problem. If any of the beads do become discontinued, none are so unusual that they could not be reasonably approximated.

Number one, the only one which does not have an outer ring.

Number 2(and 3!). This one has the brightest outer ring, which highlights the scalloping in the overall circle.

Number Four. This one has an outer ring in an earth tone, which blurs the edge somewhat and makes the pin look more circular.

Number Five. This one has iridescent beads on the outer rim, which I have to admit is a little distracting from the central heart.

Number Six. This one doesn't have a central heart. It has the dark outer rim, but it also has red points turned outward, which emphasize the outer edge.

As I recall, you mentioned needing 15 of the pins initially. As I mentioned above - I used materials which can be obtained again if the need for more pins arises in the future.

Of course, you can always go the "Mix em' up route" and select more than one style of pin!




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