I just love earrings, and I simply don't feel entirely dressed without them!


E1. The Lavender leaves. I just love these, they look wonderful with black!
  E3. I read a little bit of Egyptian, but there are some symbols on these cartouches that I don't recognize. I'm working on it!

I simply adore the Egyptian asthetic. Their jewel making skills were very sophisticated even by today's standards. I'm learning some of their techniques, and in fact I have a necklace on the woven necklaces page made using one of the simpler Egyptian collar weaving methods! There's lots to learn, and I hope I never have it all.
  E4. Photos do not do these iridescent crystal prisms justice. They're very sparkly and very, very glamorous.
  E5. These deep green beads are hard to match. They have to be paired with just the right shade of gold, or they just look dark. I really love to wear these, I have green eyes and these are great for pointing them out.
  E6. Remember the blue lanterns up a few rows? These are gold lanterns! I've paired them with some iolite rondels, and they really set off the purple in the iolite.
  E7. These earring are more purple than they look in this photo. If you're wondering, I have no idea what the characters mean. SOLD OUT
The Black Prism earrings.   E8. The prisms! These are a lot of fun, the crystals are heavier than glass and they move beautifully.


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