Woven Earrings

Earrings woven with beads and thread are stronger than they look. The interesting thing is that if they're going to fall apart, they usually fall apart the first or second time you wear them. So if this is there third time you're wearing your woven bead earrings - you're good!


Long red and silver earrings. WE1. A favorite, and a design of my very own. The long, twisted silver beads give this style a very distinctive look.
  WE2. This look was inspired, believe it or not, by a book I read about Coelecanths. (the ancient fish) The color and shape remind me of the coelecanth's tail.
  WE3. These were a special order to match a costume for the Renaissance Faire!
Smoky Belly Dance Earrings.   WE4. These were designed to match a set of costumes for a traditional Egyptian dance recital. The colors are inspired by a smoky fire.
Red and black Minoan earrings.   WE5. This design was inspired by a Minoan mural. No one is really sure what's happening in the mural, but the ladies are all wearing clothing with unusually angular decorations.


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