Woven necklaces

I just love making these necklaces. The thread and the needles are thinner than human hair and I have to procure the purest beeswax, but it's worth the effort.


Green and silver beaded lace.   WN1. The beaded lace! This stuff can really get out of control, and if woven too thick or long will actually stand up on its own!
  WN2. These are simple chains of beads, some interspersed with larger faceted beads and some with simple seed beads. Often I make them about 17 inches, but sometimes I crank out several feet to wear layered for a thick, ropey look.
The Garnet Collar.
The Chrsoberyl Collar.
  WN3. The Gemstone collars. This is a modification of the Xs design, with the beadwork toned down to show off the gem stones.
Blue and silver Xs necklace.
Green and gold Xs necklace.
  WN4. The X's! This is a popular design at colleges. It rides high on the neck, as is the fashion now, and the open spaces make it an economical design.
Blue and gold egyptian weave necklace.   WN5. Another design intended for an Egyptian dancer. This one is inspired directly by ancient Egyptian jewelry technique.
The Snowflake Hearts.
Purple and faceted black heart necklace.
Red and gray with crystals necklace.
  WN6. The most luscious of all the designs, the beaded hearts! This style feels wonderful around the neck, the woven beads are soft with an almost living texture. This style works with almost any color combination.
The silver heart and earring set   WN7. Matched sets are available for most designs, so all your parts can sparkle together!


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