Crimped Line Necklaces

These necklaces represent my favorites of my experiments with crimp beads. The first one I every made I actually gave away, like an idiot. I never could find the particular beads I used on that necklace again. Danged cloisonne makers.


N1. The thing to do with these lozenge-shaped cloisonne beads is to try to bring out both the background and the least used color. These black faceted beads with blue iridescent finish did the trick!

I made the initial mistake of trying to put this necklace on black wire. It looks better with invisible wire.
  N2. Again, I tried with the black wire and had to start over. These sleek gray-blue beads required the power of genuine garnet to bring out their beauties.

** NOTE: This design is sold out! I might not be able to get more of these beads until January. If I can, this design will be available again. Until then, I'm sorry! I've been cleaned out! **


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